We are very lucky to have a culinary genius as Head Chef at Meadowside, whose cooking skills and gastronomic understanding enables us to provide our residents with restaurant style cuisine daily.

Head Chef Warren Dunkley ensures that all residents have access to highly nutritious meals every day and that all the food served should be healthy, flavoursome, and presented correctly.

All of our ingredients are locally sourced and we have implemented an ethical farm to plate scheme, which is supported by our local butcher Ben Smallridge. This enables us to track the meat used in our dishes from ‘farm to plate’ – giving us the assurance of quality, safety and ethical sustainable farming.

We also work with dietitians and speech language therapists to ensure that we cater for any special dietary requirements, along with assisted eating recipes and a simpler choice for those with a refined palette.

Meals and refreshments are always available for families and visitors as well as residents.