Our onsite Chef’s, have many years of experience and guarantees our residents a varied and healthy selection of wholesome, home-cooked meals every day.  Providing three nourishing meals a day, along with snacks and a full drinks menu means that residents get choices – not only what they eat, but when and where they want it.

All our ingredients are locally sourced and we have a trackable ‘farm to plate’ policy.  This provides us with the peace of mind that all of our meats and produce are ethically sourced and – where possible – are bought from local food producers

Our daily menu caters for all dietary needs, including allergies and specialist dietary requirements.  Any residents who require soft/pureed food will also be provided with a colourful, individually formed plate of food – which encourages the appetite and is representative of the food groups in appearance.

We understand not every resident may choose or be able to eat in the dining room – therefore meals can be enjoyed in their rooms and assistance given from our team of well qualified HCAs.